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Recycling Your Glass Waste?

Recycling Your Glass Waste?

Glass waste from hotels, clubs, pubs, bars and restaurants can be a real headache to manage and expensive to get rid of.  There are number solutions available to operators producing large quantities of glass waste, such as glass crushers.  These machines reduce the particle size of glass containers into cullet, which is then taken for recycling. There are now much more efficient and quieter solutions to your glass waste problem available.  Contact us for more information.

Welcome to Waste Expert UK.

UK Waste Management Consultancy.

We are here to provide you with expert waste management consultancy services.  Our prime objective creating an ongoing win/win relationship for you ‘our customer’ and for ourselves as your expert Waste Consultant.

With UK waste regulations undergoing continual change, maintaining your organisation’s legal compliance to prevent enforcement action from the waste regulator is becoming increasingly more important.  Waste segregation is a must to stay on the right side of the law.  In short, waste is no longer just a ‘throw-it and forget it’ matter for any organisation, large or small.  Waste Expert UK waste consultants will work with you, to ensure your business is compliant with waste regulations.

Waste costs are steadily rising, not least because the annual increase in Landfill Tax.  Over-paying for waste services is common, due to a range of factors such as annually renewable contracts (usually written in small print) requiring notice to be given during a specific period to change service provider, and failure to manage waste effectively. Generally, 90% of organisations are paying too much for their waste services.  Waste expert UK can help you to reduce waste costs and obtain improved waste management services.

Waste Expert UK waste consultant DO NOT offer our own commercial waste collection services to our clients. This means we have no commercial interest in recommending changes to your business operation for our benefit.  Neither do we operate by charging percentage your waste cost savings on an on-going basis.

We operate by assessing your waste management needs and then by providing you with the optimum UK waste solutions, designed to save you money and meet your other organisational objectives such as: waste cost-reduction; obtaining an improved waste management service; making operational efficiency gains; maximising environmental performance; maintaining legal compliance, providing waste training courses to your staff, and wide range other waste consultancy services.

Our approach is to work with you, our Client to understand your requirements, learn about your business operational processes and then we conduct full waste audit. From the result of the audit, an analysis of options will be carried out to identify the most appropriate UK waste solutions available to meet your objectives.

Let Waste Expert UK take the hassle out of managing your waste, freeing up your valuable time to concentrate on running your business.  Contact us today for a free initial consultation.